What is Dream Tending?

Dream Tending is a method of working with dreams that was developed over the last 35 years by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat – founding President of Pacifica Graduate Institute.

The practice of Dream Tending awakens the dreamer to the living aspect of their dreams or rather the dream image. Rather than trying to make sense of a dream, by analyzing the dream by the guideposts of our waking reality, Dream Tending allows the dreamer to visit the dream image realm and be an active, explorer of that existence.

Dream Tending allows a safe, guided, practiced and experienced journey for the dreamer to understand what the message the dream image contains.

An attitude of listening, having curiosity, patience and openness are the hallmarks of dream tending. Discovery is the key component and the journey to greater understanding awaits at the end of every Dream Tending session.

Tell Me More About Claudia De Borde

Claudia has an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, and is a credentialed teacher. She has studied Dream Tending with Stephen Aizenstat Ph.D. for 25 years and is currently assisting with the Certification I & II Dream Tending programs.

Her work is based on the concepts of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Stephen Aizenstat and many others in the field of Depth Psychology.

She has experience working with individuals, groups, and professionals wanting to infuse dreams more deeply into their lives and various practices.

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