What do my dreams mean?

Discovering the true message of your dreams can be revealed through Dream Tending. More than system for dream interpretation, Dream Tending is a method for accessing the potent knowledge and wisdom contained in the dream. Dream Tending is a powerful way of living and interacting with the world around us.

Dream Tending involves interdisciplinary approaches through understanding that the dream is alive. The Living Dream and that journey underscores disengaging the rational mind from analyzing the dream and allowing the full embodied presence to enter the dream.

Trying to figure out, “what does this dream mean?” pulls the dreamer outside the dream into an analytical state. To meet the dreams where they live, we must learn to enter the dream and leave our inner analyst behind.

Core Questions that allow open communication between dreamer and dream are the key to Dream Tending. The questions are formed around expansion and discovery, “Who is visiting now?” or, “What is happening here?” is the state of open curiosity that allows the dreamer to observe rather than attempt to make sense of things. The Dream Images can emerge and introduce themselves to you and tell you what they want to tell you.

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Claudia De Borde, MA
Dream Counselor
Tending Dreams

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Claudia DeBorde has an M.A. in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute with an emphasis in the art of Dream Tending with Stephen Aizenstat. She has studied the power of dreams through depth psychology; actively explored dreams, myth, and the animated world where the living images in dream are experienced as embodied and originating in the psyche of Nature as well as that of persons. This process opens the creativity, the generative process and the relationship to health, healing, nightmares, and the World’s Dream. She has actively worked with her own and others dreams for over 30 years.