Dreams about major life changes

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  • Find the intelligence and guidance your dreams offer in times of life transition.
  • Learn how you can work with dreams as treatments for obsessions, compulsions and additions.
  • Discover how you can tend dreams as adjunctive medicines for body, mind and soul

Vivid dreams have been reported to proceed a major life change and in retrospect seem like foretelling of the event. Vivid dreams can have full color, simulated pain, touch, smells or other sensory information, even anxiety, fear, anticipation, searching or other emotional experiences. Vivid dreams differ from lucid dreams, where in the dreamer becomes self aware of the dream and can take some control and can alter the course of the dream.

Our dreams reflect our waking-life psychological needs. Dreams can be a powerful healing and generative force. We can explore dreams and their living images. In Dream Tending the dreamer and the dream are brought together to interact with each other. The dreamer is invited to listen to the dream image and gather information. In examining the dream, individuals have the opportunity to slow down and see a different perspective. They can become curious and engage with their intuition. 

An investigation into a Life’s Purpose can be discovered through dream tending.  Some things to consider would re-discovering dream images from childhood that have come into your awareness. What is the root of the desire or yearning. The dream figures that come to you want to express this message. Continuing to tend to this living image, the dreamer will notice the clarity and certainty that will arise. Using practice can help connect dreams back to waking moments to deepen understanding of the individuals true passion, talents and goals.

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