Dream Interpretation

Most of our western culture puts emphasis on a fast, quick fix, analysis of what our dreams mean. With Dream Tending the journey is about allowing the dreamer to have greater access to their Dream Image, in order to connect more deeply with life itself.

Dream Tending is compassionate, careful, and respectful of each person and their encounter with their Image Figure. It is a way to enter the dream, ask open questions from a perspective of curiosity and observe what comes next. The Image Figure wishes to send a message; Dream Tending allows that message to unfold without interpreting it. Interpretation runs the risk of misinterpretation.

Why Dream Tending?

Tending dreams is a path to deep imagination, which helps anyone unlock their true and creative potential, increase emotional connection and intellectual ability in order to achieve personal and professional goals and greater contribution.

The Core of Dream Tending

We each have profound wisdom and elemental power that resides in our psyche. Through dreams and unlocking imagination, we can access more creativity, innovation, better relationships and full human potential.

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Dream Counselor
Tending Dreams

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